Empowering people

The best part of the current agile wave organisations are riding, is that it empowers people.What marketing and IT have in common, is that they both deal with ever changing customer needs and both share the same passion to make customers happy. Over 20 years ago IT came up with agile scrum and now the rest of the business world is following up.

Now you don’t have to tell your sales or marketing people to be more customer centric, but you can help them with crafting more fulfilling jobs, learning opportunities, delivering fast and right and providing a framework for actionable creativity. While keeping focus on results, costs and value, being more data-driven, really working together… the list goes on.

But to enjoy these benefits, you first need to get the basics right. And that’s like dating: you don’t get a second chance for a first impression. However, once you’ve started, you do get the chance to learn from your mistakes.

People are agile by nature

People take responsibility all the time, it’s what makes them love their jobs in the first place.  So you don’t help them ‘become agile’, you help them by leading the way from the old situation to the desired situation. Help them get ready.

Cry in training, laugh in battle

Before breaking down any silo’s, sit with your team. Understand where you’re coming from and what context you’re in now. Determine what’s needed in skills and knowledge, values, by hiring and firing, by getting the right people on the train -for it has not left the station yet…

Marketing is a balancing act between the inside and outside of the organisation. Marketing has the power to bridge gaps, to take a leap, to lend a hand and build go-to-market teams with both sales and marketing, possibly IT or other departments depending on your customers and market.

If you need help to decide whether your team is up-to-speed, or what the best structure is to work in (Prince2, Lean, Kanban, Scrum, or even SuperAdaptive) and how to take the first step, call me and within 1 day you’ll have a blueprint.

But yeah, that’s the easy part of cultural change. And for culture eats strategy for lunch, breakfast and dinner, why not start here and now.